Last month I got the first massage I have had in years. Travis, my amazing masseuse, said that I probably needed to drink more water. Muscle Tissue shouldn’t feel like sand paper.

Who knew?!?!

So, I promised him that I would drink JUST as much water as I drank of iced tea. SO I did and he said it helped, when I was there last week.

Then I started enjoying water.
Strange thing, I normally don’t but Louisville Water is some of the best in the nation-so I might as well take advantage of this abundant commodity.

I used to drink at least 80 oz of tea a day.
2 weeks ago I cut that down to ONE 44 oz (filled with ice) a day and then water.
THIS week (as of yesterday) I am down to 32 oz…which is really more like 20 oz when I gulp it before the ice melts…and I am feeling the effects.

I am not getting a headache, more of a neck ache.
This is some crap people!

But, it has also strengthened my resolve.
I am going to remove caffeine as much as possible from my diet.


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