Fit from Within-Over and Out

This would have been post number 23 in the series>
But, I am done.  Tossing in the proverbial towel.

A few times I have wanted to quit doing this every week…but I kept pushing through it because a voice in side my head kept saying “quitter’s never win”.  Oh Screw That.

That voice is the same one that told a friend of mine that I saw today that she would never make it at her new job (she bought herself a car this year), that she could never quit smoking at that she wasn’t good or strong enough to do A, B or C.  But, she is learning that she is.  She learned that she could quit one thing (where she used to work) and do something else…AND be successful.

Part of me was a little apprehensive that if I “quit” this series that I would balloon to my all time highest weight.  Winter is always hard for me because I suffer from seasonal affective something horrible.  Most of the winter it is all I can do to get out of bed and put on clean underwear.  (seriously)  I generally gain weight in the winter because I am in SUPER SURVIVAL HIBERNATION mode.

Today is March 1, 2014.  I am at my lowest winter weight in like 10 years.
I have not exercised like I want but it doesn’t matter.
I am getting through this winter with super doses of Vitamin D, limiting wheat and using the fire out of my happy light.

I am hereby done.
I have tossed this book in the garbage and I am going to continue my own path, with my own way and in the spring I am going to read Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan and see how adding God to the mix works for me.  (You know, Dude helped me quit smoking…)

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