The list of Stuff #27

Formerly Favorite Things Friday, this list was posted EVERY Friday come hell or high water.  Sometimes there were just 2 things on the list…
I decided to mix it up a bit and now a list with 10 or more items will get posted WHEN THE HECK EVER!

I know, I am such a rebel and SO crazy!

  1. 100 Happy Days.
    I need this.  Starting February 2nd.  I decided to do this challenge.  (you know what makes me happy?  I didn’t wait until a Monday or the first of a month to start- I did it on a SUNDAY on the SECOND of the month!)
  2. – helped me figure out the end date for the project above. As well as a ton of other fun timer related goodies.
  3. Pollo Tropical.  Oh wow.  If you have never been to one of these, next time you are in Florida, Texas, Georgia or Tennessee..LOOK these bad boys up.  (I just discovered another reason I LOVE Nashville..).  They are also sprinkled all over South America.  Yum.  just yum.
  4. This is 50. (makes one look forward to the next milestone)
  5. How to Unplug, The Printable Guide.  Great for when you really want to get away.
  6. Lenses and Focal Length.  A nice illustrated guide.
  7. I am such a “Yes (wo)Man”  Here is a guide for saying NO!- Jon Acuff
  8. Kick Start Your Art Journal (11) More here…
  9. Stock Photos -that change the way we look at women.
  10. This makes me want to run out and redo my business card and create 50 others.  so yum.

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