Fit from Within Week #21

I did so well on vacation.
I was gluten free all week and my body could totally tell it and then when we had to leave I had a major freak out about going back to the “real world” and ate like Wilbur all the way home.  Tragic.

BUT, this morning, I hit the gym and stayed on a spin bike longer than I ever have AND built the amount of time my heart rate was elevated, so I am proud of that.

So, this week…

Alter Your Definition of Success
Do Whatever it Takes

Again we are  talking about getting away from the scale.  I just can’t do that, but I do need to be aware of more than just that number…because that number IS impacted by other things like:

  • the amount of sugar and wheat I eat
  • my emotional stability
  • my schedule

Part of my measure of success HAS to be how much have I exercised?

What is your “new” definition of success?

In doing whatever it takes, I realize that there are some things that I just need to avoid.  I have no control over them and I know I have mentioned it before but they are also my “go to” items when I am low.

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