Fit from Within #20

This is an auto post that I wrote on 2/2 (because I am on vacation and may or may not be taking a TOTAL techno break-I am still trying to decide).

Learn where you stand with Sugar
If you eat dessert, share it.

So…this one, kicks my butt because I have a HUGE issue with Sugar, not so much with candy and desert, which I WILL resort to when I don’t get ma wheat.  I do not have celiac’s disease, but I sure do have a wheat (refined wheat/flour) thing.  I blow up like a balloon, my joints ache like an 80 year old woman.  the list of issues (including pesky allergy type stuff) is huge.  I stop wheat, I lose weight, I feel better I am not all puffy and life is good.

BUT, just like an alcoholic…once I am off that wagon, I AM NOT stopping and I DON’T have a problem.

I have been on the denial train since the holidays.

It is stopping now. (well February 1)

I don’t have to be so crazy about wheat and gluten that I go all G-FREE on everything, I just need to limit it.  Salads instead of sandwiches, or if I AM going to do a bread…go to a place that offers an 11 grain whole food bread (NOT Whole Wheat, which, ironically in most cases is WORSE that plain ole white bread).

If I am not doing wheat and have cut way back on sugar, not sure what exactly WOULD be a dessert.
SO…nevermind 😉

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