Empty Shelf Book #2

Title: House as a Mirror of Self

Author: Clare Cooper Marcus

What’s it about: How your house is an extension of you, or what a house represents is rooted in your past experiences.

Why did I read it:  I can tell how I am doing emotionally by how I feel about and relate to my dwelling.  I wanted to know if it was just me or if other people were just as “odd”.  I am not the only one, but it isn’t a huge theme since this is the only book I could find on the topic and it is almost 2 decades old.

Favorite idea: That growing up we go through “dwelling preparation”-building forts and tree houses and creating homes of our own.  We start to move away from our parents much earlier than we realize in these actions (she didn’t say that, I am)

Where can you buy it? I found mine on amazon.

If you would like to get in on the challenge, head on over to Jon’s blog acuff.me and find out more.

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