Fit From Within Week 15

This is true and I DO this, except when I am sick.
(like this week).

Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Going
Have Some Breakfast

I hate eating breakfast, but I have got to do it, if I don’t I end up starving and in a place where I am not going to make good choices.  I also have to eat if I am hitting the gym first thing in the morning or I don’t have the calories or energy to get through a decent work out.

Right now I am a little frustrated, I rang in the new year and an upper respiratory funk and to add insult to injury, I also have developed a LOVELY HUGE fever blister on my bottom lip.  Not that the fever blister prevents me from working out, the breathing issue certainly does, the fever blister just rubs it in.

Tomorrow should be the last day I have to take off from hitting the gym and of course, we have a Winter Storm Warning (or Watch, they keep changing their minds) for Sunday night into Monday Morning.

It would appear that forces on several fronts are testing my resolve this year!

How are your healthy plans for 2014 going?


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