Fit From Within Week 14

Fitting that it works out that for the week of the start of the new year I had picked two entries to be the theme of the week!

Take the Responsibility, Not the Blame


If You Have a Serious Problem, Take Serious Action

I have mentioned that the past few weeks I have been really lax with my program.  I am still doing ok, I didn’t gain the five lbs I lost after thanksgiving so I am still pretty even with where I was for my birthday.  Not a bad way to start the new year!

I really liked giving myself a break and not stressing over every cookie or treat I had.  I did however over do the wheat and bread and my body felt it.  I will be GLAD to be back in a place where that isn’t a daily temptation.  A little wheat I can handle, large portions, caked with sugar, no way!

Victoria Moran is correct when she says come from a place of responsibility, it is empowering, where as blame will tear you down every time!

Number 20 doesn’t apply to me (much) because I don’t really have an issue with binge eating or purging.  I never have.  I have, however in the past eaten a whole package of cookies over the course of 2 days, or every time I walked by the box taken a few, but I have not (that I can ever recall) eaten a whole box in one sitting.  If that is the case for you, then Moran suggests contacting OA (over eaters anonymous) immediately.


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