Try, Try Again-online craft classes

It seems like this time of year I get all giddy and gung-ho on taking online art/craft classes.  Thinking back I have taken several from a few different people, some of them have been EXCELLENT and some of them have been good, but a little too New Age/Atlantean Dolphin Master for me (which is probably an entirely different post all together)…and then there are a few that really suck eggs.  I mean suck so poorly that I want to drive over to the woman’s house that is teaching this stuff and smack her upside the head.

Of course, I was the sucker that paid for the class, so some of the blame falls on me.  Luckily, I will have two or three great experiences before I have a craptastic one, otherwise I would be so much more cynical…I also think that my expectations may be a bit high because only in one case have I encountered someone (actually this time SEVERAL) people who were just a pissy about the experience-it was REALLY bad.

I am planning on creating a post or a series of posts about online education and what to look for/warning signs.
I am really excited about writing this.

I just didn’t want to spoil the holidays by doing it now!

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