FFW Week #13

It is funny how even when this book pisses me off, it still has a kernel of truth for me that week.

Stay Centered in Today

Before I opened this window I was planning on writing the post for this week and next week and maybe the week after, just to give myself some room because of the holidays.  And then I opened my planner and read the prompt and started laughing.

I don’t do that.
I make hay while the sun shines.
I get ahead of things (but I really don’t).

I know the point of this chapter in the book deals with food and weight issues, like “when I get thin I can have a Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake”or  if you flub up today, you can ‘fix’ it tomorrow so come’er box of oreos!

I get that, but if I apply the wisdom of this book to just THAT area of my life, I will be back in this spot in 2 years right?

Oh FYI, I have set a realistic “goal” for my obsessive weigh-ing issue.  As long as the scale doesn’t go up a LB from the original “birthday” weight, we are good on the holiday hiatus.  so far it is working.  I am enjoying the holidays, eating what I want with out going crazy and have maintained where I am so far.

That won’t/cant be the plan once all these parties and events are over or the plan for next year, but for #13, it is the plan for Today!

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