Fit from Within

Yeah, so this week is supposed to be all about walking more or something.

Ah screw it.

I was down with this whole plan, working through this book, blogging about the experiences, but I am starting to feel like it is a big ole bag of poo right now.  Remember several weeks ago, I did a post on one of the first chapters…

“Accept yourself and Honor who you are”

Well, blew that one in a huge way last week with the “weigh less to weight less”.

I have to chronically weigh.
I have to weigh EVERYDAY.

In doing that I can keep track of my cycle and body changes, when I take it out to a week or more…ALL HELL breaks loose.

I gained almost 3 lbs last week, since I was not weighing daily I don’t know if that huge jump IS hormonal, or water retention or what because there was a FULL FREEKIN’ week I was out of the loop with myself.

There is nothing worse than going back over a personal set “magic” number by 2.5 flippin’ pounds.

I am frustrated and disheartened and going into THANKSGIVING with THIS on my shoulders is damn near disastrous.

I am going to give it another week or so, but if I am still this pissed off and depressed I am not sure I can continue this self torture for a full year.
It certianly puts me in a place of NOT Thankful and Lacking Gratitude.

Bah Mother Ducking Hum Bug.

Oh yeah, this week is :walk more.

SO, walk more.

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