Water Aerobics Ate My Swimsuit

I have been taking a deep water aerobic class for about 4 months.

I have two suits that I alternate between and one more than I wore to a shallow water class until I realized that suits with skirts may hid a multitude of sins, they also can choke you to death, when you are bouncing around a pool for an hour.

I had heard tales of people being in the pool and their suit coming a part.

I knew this would never happen to me because my mom taught me how to properly rinse my suit after being in the pool and drying it so it would last forever.  I never let any of my suits “sit” in chlorine.

I would hear the instructors say the reason that we washed before getting in the pool wasn’t for sanitary reasons, it was to preserve our suits.
“we don’t want them falling off you in the water”.
(I just thought it was more scare tactics to get me to rinse off all my lotions and crap before I got in the pool.)
~don’t ask me why I assume everyone has ulterior motives and lies all the time, I don’t know where that originates~

I rarely used the suit dryer that the YMCA provides, because it was loud and it scared me. Besides one of the instructors swears it damages a suit more than it keeps your bag dry for the trip home.  On the rare occasion that I forgot a Ziploc bag to take my suit from there to here, I used the spinner.

I have noticed my suits getting looser, automatically thinking, I AM LOSING SO MUCH WEIGHT, I can feel it!
(Let’s not talk about how none of my non stretchy clothes were fitting any better).

Last Tuesday after class, I got out of the pool and headed for the sauna and my instructor said “looks like it is about time for a new suit!”
“I know, I am planning on going shopping this weekend!”
“I don’t think you can wait that long, might want to get one before the next class-it is a little saggy and your leg holes have stretched.”

Well, that is an odd place to be losing weight.
After the sauna and shower I put my suit in the spinner because I  didn’t have a baggie and it was SO cold outside, I didn’t want to carry the wet suit.

The spinner jerked and shimmied more than normal and made a hideous sound!
I opened the lid and extracted my suit which now resembled Swiss cheese.

HUGE, Gaping holes through out the fabric.
Especially in the buttock and chest region (the area below the built-in bra).

One more class and I would have never been able to be seen at the YMCA again.

Thursday night we were laughing about it, and another girl told me about her experience.  She also felt the looseness of her skirted suit and thought WOW, this is working so well!  The weight it just flying off, until she got out of the pool and her mini dress suit was as long as a formal gown!

Apparently the chlorine DOES eat suits especially lycra or spandex blends.  The threads give way and the suit grows and comes apart.

100% polyester suits do not have this issue, but they also don’t stretch SO, if you are thinking of stuffing yourself into a size 12, you better have the arm strength to do it!

I am looking forward to class again so I can wear my new suit!

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