Fit from WIthin Week 4

#6 Focus on living a Quality Life.

On the surface that sounds pretty easy.  Pretty nice and sunshiny.

And then you think about it REALLY think about what that means.

If your life is not fulfilling or unsuited to the person you are, it’s no wonder you eat to much. You’re lucky you aren’t doing something much worse.

Holy cow.

Of course this means eating good food. FRESH FOOD.
Getting GOOD and ENOUGH sleep.
Spending time being and not doing.
(which ironically goes along with the Matthew Sleeth 24/6 book I am reading right now too!)

SO, this is the 4th week I have been at this “Fit from within” gig…and I am down about 10 lbs (it is a little off because yesterday I TOTALLY over did it eating REALLY good Indian food…and way to much of it, followed by to much salt in my dinner from Qdoba)

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