Out of Left Field

So, I had my annual female doctor visit today.
Yearly gig, this year was also the bi-annual pap -that may be every three or 5 years depending on…I am guessing new government regulations..(but now is not the time to bitch about that).

When I made the appointment, back in August, the woman who has answered the phone for the PAST THIRTY YEARS (honest to God, no exaggeration) wasn’t the one who scheduled my appointment.  I thought that was kinda odd, but went on about my business, after all, she could have been at lunch or something…

This morning, I show up and she isn’t sitting at the desk either.
I was scared to ask where she was.

However, in making small talk with the “new” girl I found out that the ONLY receptionist I have EVER known at my obgyn had passed away.
She has been gone almost a year (she died a few weeks after my appointment last year).

She worked for the doctor who saw me when I was in High School.
She worked for his son.
She worked through 2 office moves.
She stayed with the practice when it was sold to the current Doctors group.

I was NOT going to cry in the waiting room.
I heard the story of what happened and about how much the front office staff loved her and how much they missed her.

I went to the back and put on the freekin’ paper gown and talked to the nurse about the start of “the change”.
It is great fun to commiserate with someone who is having bat-shit crazy mood swings too!

Then my doctor comes in and while looking at my chart says “WOW! you have been a patient of this office for a LONG time, I need to tell you about Terri.”
I told him that we had already talked about her.
(change the subject and fast or one of those swing moods is gonna come stormin’ through here and it is gonna be three kids of ugly-in a paper hospital gown)
but, NO, he had to mention how much they missed her and how awesome she was.

I said, to me this was HER office.
He said, ” it IS very much her office.  it still is.”

I look over at the nurse and we both are fanning our faces.
Seriously doc, we were just all talking about hormones and “the change” and you just had to keep on until we cried didn’t you.
(I am super glad that I didn’t wear makeup after all.)

I get myself together before I leave the office and decide I am going to have a big ole cry as soon as I am out the door.
But then I am in a medical facility with oncology and all sorts of other serious specialists offices all around me,
I didn’t want anyone to think that I had just gotten bad news, so I sucked up until I got to the car.

And then I started thinking,
That woman was one of the first people to know I was going to have a baby.
She was the one who squeezed me in THAT DAY  when I found a lump.
She called and got me the appointment with a surgeon and a mammogram.
(that turned out to be just another few ounces of fat)
She shared her secret Johnny Depp folder that she kept in her bottom drawer.
I used to take her pictures of him when he appeared in magazines.

She had a gift of putting people at ease and she is (and will continue to be) so missed.

4 thoughts on “Out of Left Field

  1. Molly that is a sweet story! You hate missing something like that. she wasn’t in your everyday life but she made an impression each time you saw her! Telling her story is a wonderful honor to her! Tell more! Love ya girl!

  2. You are so lucky to be in a place where people are the same until, unfortunately, they pass away. I grew up in a town like that, but have been a rolling stone since then. Lots of hugs.

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