Thrashing with Mandy

So,  I finished this book.

And I don’t know what to think.  There were things that completely resonated with me, my walk and rumblings in my noodle:

I do believe Jesus died so we could feel freed up to go after life to the full, so we would feel equipped to take risks and not beat ourselves up when we fail.  He didn’t die to make our lives look perfect.  He died so we could stop feeling as if our lives have to be perfect to mean something.

~Mandy Steward
Thrashing About with God

I had never actually THOUGHT about the cross in this particular way, but it does kinda make some sense.  Without grace that is what we all are doing, STRIVING to be perfect, not for perfections sake, but SO when we die we will be GOOD enough or PERFECT enough to make the cut.

I will freely admit that while I have a bit of my own “thrashing” going on, I have not struggled to the degree that the author has/did.  Or maybe I didn’t have as much of a perfectionist issue as I thought I did.  Or maybe because I have over 10 years on her, I don’t remember THOSE days…

There were things I immediately disagreed with and then thought, was that ME thinking that or what I have heard the church say?
Is that MY discernment or a seed that someone else planted?

Mandy talks about Galatians through out the book.  It is ironic that when we were recently in Iowa I bought a Journal for the book of Galatians.  I will be starting that in the next few weeks!

I would be interested to hear your thoughts, if you have read Thrashing about With God.


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