It is Just a Little Thing…

ecardI love some e-cards.  They often say what I am thinking.  I post them a lot on facebook.

In this week of “Honoring myself” and “Accepting who I am” I noticed something, as my critical voice says “Oh it is just a little thing (don’t get all excited).”

But, I am excited and it isn’t JUST a little thing.

For several years I have had a personal rule:

I do not read dog books.  (or any book about animals)

After Marley and Me had me wailing, I should have stopped, but then I read A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz, I mean after all the man is a suspense/horror writer…HOW BAD could it be?


So, thus created the rule and thus it stands.
(or stood).

I bent my rule.
Some of my friends were going to read “The Art of Racing in the Rain”.
I didn’t want to be the weird bitch who has strange rules about books, because you KNOW how THOSE women are… I mentioned I had “this rule” and they looked at me sideways so I said, “well maybe I will try, before fall and winter set in…”
(I caved.)

I bought the book the very next day (at least it was at the used bookstore and only 4 bucks for a hardback).
I kept fighting with myself.
I kept hearing people who read it say, “it is a great book, you might cry…”

Can I tell you MIGHT Cry is bullshit.
I CRIED before the end of chapter 1.
I was SOBBING by the end of the first pages.
The Spouselet comes in and says “Oh, HONEY, what is wrong??”
I pointed to the book on the night stand.  “That damned book is what is wrong, I broke my own rule and my heart is broken…SOOOOOBBBBBB!”
So, then I told HIM about the first chapter and now HE is bawling with me.

Do you SEE why I have this rule?
I. Can.Not.Do.Dog. Books.

I knew it, but I didn’t TRUST it.
I broke my own rule.

(I am saying that again, like Oprah)
I Ignored WHO I AM.

Hours after writing the “Accept Yourself and Honor WHO YOU ARE.”
I broke that promise to myself.

But here is where it gets WICKED COOL.

I stopped.
I am not reading that book, even though 4 more people on tell me that had similar rules but they read it and “it was ok.  It is a good book.”
I DON’T Care.

I know my limits in this area.
I can NEVER read a animal book.
In the fall and winter my book selection is narrowed to super fun stuff like Jim Butcher, TIm Dorsey, Carl Haiisen, Charlane Harris stuff or Spiritual personal growth.

I am not even allowed to read stuff like “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” Because by the time I was done, I was damn near crazy and convinced that we had destroyed the earth beyond repair and in the dead of winter turnips and sweet potatoes were all we could eat and we HAD to start planning a garden for when the whole food supply collapses and we dieeeeeeee.

Seriously, I get bad in the fall and winter.

I have got to be very clear on this.
It isn’t just a preference thing, it is so much more serious than that.

SO, GO ME! For Accepting Who I Am ( A crazy bitch who loves to read just not THOSE books) and Honoring WHO I AM at the same time.

I am ROCKING Week one (more than I thought I would really).


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