FFW Week1 (Fit From Within)


Which is actually #1 AND #2, but I think they are so closely related, you have to do ONE to do the OTHER.

So, the first week I am already shaving off time!

Accept yourself-
So much easier said than done isn’t it?
I am also thinking that is it pretty sad that I am almost 45 years old and I STILL have this struggle.
I read the words and I know what they mean but be damned if my brain WILL allow that to happen…
SO, I am spending a lot of time reading more about HOW and what that means.

Here are a few resources for you if you are having a hard time accepting who you are.

  1. How to Accept Yourself when You Feel Like a Loser.
  2. The One Necessary Ingredient for Accepting Yourself.
  3. 12 Ways to Accept Yourself.  (And some of these are rockin’ killer exercises, that I might use as prompts for more posts later in the week)
  4. WiKi How-Learn to Accept Yourself.
  5. How Self Acceptance can Crack Open Your Life.  (you have to read that title in Oprah Winfrey’s voice)-This one is a ten day plan to self acceptance. But I only have 7.

Interestingly, when I searched for “honoring who you are” the same general advice or suggestions applied.  However, Victoria Moran deals with similar topics in a completely different way.  I will probably never be a marathon runner, so comparing myself too, or expecting that in my future is NOT honoring WHO I am.  Even when I was a child I could only run so far before my ankle started hurting and I was always dead last in gym class races.

In a similar yet different vein, I do know that I AM an abuser of Good and Plenty candy (and a few other foods-).  Sometimes I just have to have some, but I CAN’T just have some, I have to have every one of them.  Even if I break the package a part into manageable serving sizes, I will go back time after time and eat them until there is NONE left.

No will power around some foods and snacks.  None.

So, I have to either NOT ever buy the candy OR go to a store that has “bulk” candy and only scoop out a small bag of candied licorice treats.
The third option would be to throw away the remainder candy from a box, but I suck it down to quickly to every try that one.

Knowing that about myself, I have to honor and be aware of that personality quirk.  Just because I LOVE a candied licorice does not mean I have free reign to eat it.

Maybe there will be a day when I can have a few.
That day is not upon us.

How will you honor yourself this week?
Do you have a hard time with self acceptance?



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