Fit From Within-Introduction

I have not even gotten to the first “secret” and I already have 6 post it notes and several things underlined.

This is going to be quite an adventure!

The first “rule” is that if a suggestion (or secret) doesn’t apply to you, skip it.  I am going to try to NOT skip any of the suggestions, even if I don’t think they apply to me.  I don’t think I am a binge eater and then I think about “Good and Plenty” candy or a Package of Skinny Cow Ice Sandwiches….I do not do it often, but there are foods and flavors that I can not have just one.

Changing on the inside is the key to making outer changes last.
~Victoria Moran

So, there might be a kernel of truth or a bit of wisdom that speaks to a part of me even if I am not aware.  We (all of my insides) are working through this book.

She talks about applying the changes in your life will get you through births, holidays, season changes, bad days, good days, menopause
YEAH, that is the one.  THAT is the thing that I cringe about, not so much the change itself but NOT preparing my body and getting fit FIRST.  If “the change” comes knocking and I am still who I am today–  Oh, sweet baby Jesus!

Not to mention all the other little things that get me going!

I also underlined and circled and highlighted:
stop worrying (and I didn’t think I worried)



“She told me to ask God or Jesus or Buddha or the massive oak tree outside my dining room window to give me the power I didn’t have myself.  And she told me I didn’t have to do anything forever, just today.”
~Victoria Moran

Which is exactly, what I did when I quit smoking.  I asked God to help me get over that nasty habit, and he did!  So, why have I not done the same thing with this?
Seriously, why not?

AND that is the purpose of this series!

I do not have to be perfect, just willing.
Oh dear. But my inner critic tells me to be perfect ALL the time.

So, here I am. Starting this journey.

Looking toward the discoveries…
Will you join me?

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