A Personal Challenge.

Earlier this month, I signed up for a challenge at the YMCA to get my butt back in gear and get healthier.  Of course, like I am prone to do, I over did it and started physical therapy, but it is great, this time PT is working on the original issue and not a symptom of the problem so I can continue to work out while I work to get better.  LOVE the concept.

(A few years back I had physical therapy for a similar issue and I was not “allowed” go to to the gym until I was done with therapy and only could do their exercises.  I gained 15 lbs I had lost back.  NOT HAPPY and very disgruntled, I was also scared that I would injure myself again so I didn’t do anything out of fear.)

I have eased up and I am only doing deep water two days a week and  spin biking once or twice and the spouselet and I are walking the bridge once a week.2013-09-27 16_44_07-mollymcmahan on Instagram

I have a terrible habit of going to half price books and buying stuff and sticking it on my night stand…to read eventually…
I carry 10-12 books over there and hyperventilate if it gets below 8.  Like I have NOTHING to read.
(I am such the drama queen).

SO, this week, I was picking up a book for the “empty nester group” and ran across a book in the clearance bin,
Honestly, can you let something cool stay in the store if it is only a buck???

Fit from Within by Victoria Moran.
(101 simple secrets to change your body and your life)

Sign me up sister! (for a buck)…
The challenge at the Y cost me 15 (but my team IS going to win, so I will get a t-shirt out of the gig).

I hatched an evil plan.
Work my way through the book, doing a suggestion a week and reporting results or whatever.  If I do everything in the book one week at a time in TWO years I will be a different person…if I do TWO “secrets” a week that will take a year…if I skip around and pick and choose…who knows.

So, there you have it, my big scheme.

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