Picture Peeve

I work for a real estate company.
I am also a photographer.

Yes, I sometimes take pictures of houses, but I also have to add videos and virtual tours that other people shot to our corporate and company website.  I see a lot of pictures.

Some of them are disgraceful.

I won’t link to any here, not because I don’t want to embarrass the agents, but I do not want to upset the clients who are having their properties marketed with these photos.

One of the awesome things about the house in Des Moines that I posted earlier in the month was the photos REALLY showed what a gem that house was/could be (depending on your level of Elvis).

So, Here we go:

  1. Please delete blurry photos.
    If I can not tell that the exterior is brick or brick colored paint, you need a new front shot.
  2. Potty lids DOWN.
    Especially if it is an abandoned or bank owned property that needs work.  We don’t need to see EXACTLY how much work.
  3. Evidence of Pets.
    No Bowls.
    No Crates.
    No Litter Boxes.
    **People SEE evidence of pets, no matter HOW clean your home may be, they will SMELL PETS and their offers will reflect it.**
  4. If Tiny Kitty or Precious Pup are laying on the sofa MOVE THEM.
    Or if they are vicious, shoot creatively.
    NO PUPPY Pictures, unless the pooch conveys.
  5. NO DATE/TIME Stamp on the images.
    Because you don’t want people to know you took these images on 01-01-2007 and it still hasn’t sold…maybe it’s the dog bowls.
    If you can’t figure out how to turn it off, use your smart phone…well, if you have one.
  6. Holiday Decorations.
    If you are going to take pictures of a house from October to January, be sure all the decorations are down for the listing photos.
    (see #5-it dates the images)
  7. If you list a home in February and still have it listed in June, please TAKE NEW IMAGES.
    Leaves on trees, blue skies and green grass do wonders for curb appeal.

Did I miss any?
What is your biggest peeve when you look at homes on the internet?
(come on, I know we all do it)

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