FTF #24

And the count down to “will this continue” begins…

In about a month I will turn 45 (gasp)…so THIS was a good article for me to read since I still don’t feel like a grown up, most days.  10 People who Switched Careers after 50-and thrived.

Mid-Century Modern. (more please)

How to Reset Youtube Recommended Video List.  (YAY!)

I wish I had these for the “spring” soccer tournament the last weekend in February every year… Remote Controlled heated insoles.  FTW!

Tails, you lose.  (quirky coin art)

12 Types of Procrastinators, which type are you?  I think I am “The Cleaner”.  Which is ironic, since the state of my house is just this side shy of condemned.  😉

Hogwarts in Manhattan.  So cool-City College.

And to close out the week with this:

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