FtF #23

Oh yes, it is back again (for at least two more weeks)
It might be nice to stop at a good number like 25…
We shall see.

Since it is Friday the 13th, I am gonna find 13 good things for this week!  you will have to settle for 10 my friends.

  1. Just Delete Me.  A resource for deleting online accounts.
  2. I posted this bad boy on facebook on Monday.  Usually if I put something up on facebook, I don’t link here, because this gets posted to facebook, but this one was just to good to let slide.
    It is twiceable! It’s All Happening.
  3. I really want to attend…I wonder if I know anyone else going to Art Journaling LIVE Workshop
  4. Why you need to take breaks while retouching.  (Incredible video showing aging)
  5. This week was suicide prevention week-I stumbled across this “warning signs” list.  It could be handy to have.
  6. The Photography Teacher No One Wants. 
  7. Teammates honor fellow player who was killed.  The image breaks my heart, but how touching.
  8. Glamping and vintage airstream campers like this one.  SWOON!
  9. I love these bags.  I have owned several (and sold a few on ebay).  My current solution for the YMCA is NOT working and I think i NEED THIS Mosey Getalong in Cayenne.

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