PX600 and PX 680

I have wanted to play with Impossible Project Film for months.  I just could not talk myself into spending the cash for “Play”.  We phoey on that!
I even bought a Fuji-instax mini to “save” money, thinking that would get this instamatic bug out of my system.

Nope, I just got crappy shots that I was stuck with, at least here, with impossible film, I screw up, I have some creative play options…AWESOME creative play options.  So, this COULD fill two needs, Creativity AND Photography!

But before we get to the pictures, first, I have TWO Polaroid’s so I don’t have to worry about exposure while switching out cartridges, even if I could do it in the dark.

Here are my first test shots:


This was with the PX600 Silver Shade Cool.  I loved it and Sort of wish curiosity hadn’t gotten the best of me, glad I shot it with my iPhone before what I did next (see below).

September_11__2013_at_0407PM (1)

This is my first shot with the PX680 Color.  it is a little green (LOT).  I didn’t mind messing this one up so much…


My first attempt at an emulsion lift.  poor Phe broke up into about 5 pieces, but-still kinda interesting!


but this one, I LOVE this one.  All wrinkled and cracked and saggy.  It is even perfectly washed out.  YUM.

Now, what am I going to do with all this?


2 thoughts on “PX600 and PX 680

    • I got one camera at goodwill for less than 2 bucks and one at an estate sale for 7. I didn’t know if they worked until I bought the Impossible Project Film (that is made in the old Polaroid factory in the netherlands). It is expensive, but, sort of worth it.

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