Funky Friday

I know, first Friday back after the bloggy break and I don’t have a “favorite’s” list?
Nope.  Something better…

First, cruise on over to zillow and check out this listing.  (I realize I am seriously dating this post by linking to something so temporary as real estate in 2013).
Look at ALL the pictures.  If you have two screens, open the listing in one and this list in another…

Creative Listing Commentary!
A friend on facebook (and high school) shared this link with me and I DO think it is over the top, but I also am seriously considering driving across 3 states to look at this bad boy and get a gander at some of the furnishings up close and personal.  The listing agent is right when he says “You will truly appreciate the work and effort that has gone into making this a one of a kind! ”

So, let’s get started.

  1. This is the front of the home, but these owners were creative and they have used EVERY inch of this lot to their advantage.  Other homes in the area are listing for 100K less, but they have not maximized their lot.  to the right of the fireplace chimney…is a patio area, you will see it later from the “inside”.  It is freekin’ genius (or maybe feng shui) to put your screened patio in the front yard.  Seriously.

    I am also digging the red Pagoda Statuary, but, one would suffice, not 5. (at least it is still an odd number).

  2. No. The…er…No.
    Lion? er mirrored…NO.
    Red carpet. No/
    Ok-It rocks that there is a double door entry, double guest closet and a HUGE window (even if it is covered in sheers)!
  3. This is the back of the home, see what I mean by maximizing the lot?  AND you don’t hvae to mow because there is hardly any grass back here at all!
    AND, I love the fretwork over the garage doors, I just wish it weren’t on every surface of the back exterior that wasn’t covered in stone.
    (but there are 5 more red pagoda’s and two lanterns).
  4. Amazing mid century field stone fireplace!
    I could pass on the lacquer entertainment center and red carpet.
  5. It took me a minute to figure the dining room out.  Apparently, on the left of the screen is stairs to the lower level (next to the stone wall).
    I could pass on the mirrored niche because the crystal chandelier and the red carpet are just to much bling, bling..
    However, I do LOVE the table (but, that might be because I have Century Furniture’s black lacquer desk and chair and they are the exact same lines, with out the gold detail).
    I am also kinda digging the ceiling treatment (if it were in a room that didn’t have so much going on already)
  6. You would think I would be OVER all the red and for the most part, I am…but there is a gem here.
    Where on earth did they find a RED ENAMEL DUAL BOWL KITCHEN SINK?  I WANT.  (seriously, in a solid white kitchen, flaming red sink.)
    But, please for all that is good and holy, do not carpet your kitchen-who the hell started that trend in the 60’s? (the house I grew up in had carpet in the kitchen for about 5 minutes)
  7. High Elvis baby, HIGH Freekin’ Elvis.
    Graceland’s got nuttin on Leslie Chow (I am imaging that he is the owner of this home)
    But…wait a minute, is that a CIRCULAR Sectional with black lacquer trim?  Yes please.
    Ok, now let’s just stop for a second and look at the ceiling.  Vaulted and beamed is pretty cool on its own, but then you go and add a barrel roll to EACH SECTION of the beamed ceiling, and finish it with grass cloth or bamboo (some kind of cool texture)… THAT is the effort that went into making this one of a kind. THAT.RIght.THere.
    Wicked Sick.
  8. I was pretty put out when I stumbled across this french provincial shit.
    Seriously, you needed a break from the Asian influence and your first choice is this?
    I don’t think Louis XIV died of gangrene as much as looking at crap furniture like this his whole life 😉
  9. Now we are back in the “if Don Draper were Asian” room!
    I want those bar stools.
    I want those yellow chairs.
    And I already told you I love that circular sofa…
    And, I would want that ceiling treatment in a different room, with out stone walls, bar, gold accents every where and that blasted red carpet. sigh.
  10. no.
    oh but wait, they ran out of red carpet!
  11. OMG, this is the other half of the bedroom with the circular bed. NOW, I am freaked out a little bit. Mirrored walls and ceilings do NOT belong in your bedroom…unless you are Ron Jeremy (and mom, please don’t google it-ask dad, no wait, don’t do that either….)
    But, again, look at the ceiling, ANOTHER Barrel roll and this time with disco mirrors…serious tedious work here.
    Why can’t people use their skill for design good?  Damn.
  12. I want the gilded Dixie cup holder on the very left of the image.
    The rest of this room can be flushed down the lime green potty. (again with the red carpet…wow)
  13. I love the “throne” is on a pedistal. Heh….
    I have a think for colored sinks…this black one is pretty sweet too and looks to be an interesting shape.  This MUST be the owner bath because there is red carpet, black lacquer and Henry gold mirrors.  SMH.
  14. but if THAT was the owner bath, the who the hell uses THIS bathroom?
    Yes, I want the red sink and the towel hanging on the shower door.
  15. I want this sectional (looks like silver velvet with a lacquer frame) HOW STINKIN’ Cool?!?!?!
    I also love the black banded mirror AND the two red leather club chairs.
    Just not on the red carpet….
  16. THIS is the patio that is in the front yard.  CLEVER! CLEVER! CLEVER!
    and a Koi pond?!?!!
  17. Still love that sofa and the bar chairs.
    Now that I can see the other wall, i guess it is grass cloth in the barrel rolls. Cool.
  18. Nope.
  19. I wonder how Ganesh feels about the mixture of Asian and French. (can’t make out who the lamp is…)
  20. The bar takes up the entire shot, so I can’t drool over those chairs or sofa…
  21. meh.
  22. meh.
  23. “honey, we ran out of lantern’s and pagoda’s”
    “I have some red paint left, pick up a few urns at home depot”
    When they painted all the other lattice and fretwork in the house black, I am kinda sad to see the actual pagoda left natural.
    But see, no grass.
  24. Oh hell.  There were 4 more red lawn ornaments in the front yard cut out of the first shot.
    I wonder if the homeowner or the neighbor put up the pointy wrought iron fence?
  25. Oh, hell, now I am really confused.
    The backyard is the front yard is the front yard is the back.
    I think this house was built on the lot backwards…
    THAT is the front door…but off to the side is the pergola entrance to the drive from the street.

Mind blown.
I am done.

What do you think?
Was there anything in this house you thought was kinda cool or kitschy?


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