FTF #22

Many moons ago, I went to college for Interior Design and then promptly did NOTHING with it. (not entirely true, but for the most part…)
I still love it so when I stumbled across these floor plans of TV shows, I was smitten.
*but, I thought it was funny that the way I had some apartments visioned in my head, weren’t how the plans were drawn. Specifically Three’s Company. I wonder why I always thought the bathroom was in the middle…

I am learning to Crochet!
-as a lefty, my grandmother who was an incredible crochet-er (is that even a word) didn’t think that she could show me how, so she never did.
I thought, why not youtube “lefty crochet…so I did! (I know sometimes I scare myself at how long it takes me to figure stuff out).
I came across this series: Left Hand Beginner Crochet.


I can see myself doing the samething.  don’t mess with my phone!  Man tries to steal the wrong woman’s phone. (video)

I spend 13 hours of my life watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  (NSFW or around small kids or homophobic relatives.)  But- DAYUM.  Good stuff.

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