“Organic” Gardening and Arnold Palmer.

This morning as I was going through my email before the day started, I was reminded of a story from my childhood.

When my sister and I were younger, I was in middle school, we stayed home alone during the day.  We didn’t live near any friends so my parents thought there was very little trouble we could get into when they were at work.  Besides, my dad always knew what we had done before we were done doing it.

SIDE BAR EXAMPLE:In high school, a friend borrowed my car to pick up some kids from school (we were at the park before school having a little par-tay).  My car was involved in an accident.  I was a MILE from the school, my home and my dads office at least EIGHT Miles and my daddy was at the High School to see if I was OK before I was.  Ah, the parental benefits of a small town.

Feeling that we were relatively safe, we spend the summers “alone”.  We had a few chores to do around the house and one day we were feeling particularly industrious, we actually did them.  Growing up we had gold fish.  Honestly, one of the most useless pets, but we won them at the fair and it would have been mean to flush them before they died so we got a bigger bowl and let them swim together.  On this particular day, we changed their water all by ourselves.  We were very proud!

That evening mom comes home from work and makes something for dinner and Arnold Palmer’s.  (I don’t know if everyone in the world calls half iced tea and half lemonade-I know back then it was just lemon-tea to us). I remember it was a lovely summer day because we were eating on the back patio. As we all sat down to dinner we were discussing our day.  Talking about her work, talking about the houses or farms my daddy was selling or the latest subdivision he and my popaw were developing.

“So, girls, how was your day?”

I probably said it was hot and boring and I hated life, because I was a middle school girl, but my sister….

“Well, we cleaned the fishbowl today and reserved the water for you to pour on the plants, we read somewhere that fish water is REALLY healthy for house plants!”

My mom had the tea glass to her mouth and her eyeballs started to grow.

“Where did you put the fish water?”

“In the brown pitcher, we left it on the counter for you.”

She gulped. “Ya’ll didn’t make Crystal Light today?”

“No, we don’t have any left.”

She gets up from the table and walks into the house and comes back out, slowly, disbelieving.

“I made lemon-tea with fish water!”

My dad dies laughing at her mistake, until he realizes he just drank a full glass of fish-poo.

So, this morning when I was reading my email from Brightnest, they were talking about a new Kickstarter for  an Indoor Garden powered on Fish Poop!

Another Side Bar:
The Brightnest app is a great tool for keeping up to date on home maintenance projects, they even throw in some fun craft projects.

How do you keep your home organized?
Did your mama ever make Fish Tea?


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