Favorite Thing Friday #18

(that is how old the boy -Q,  is, so maybe some of these will be stuff HE likes too…if I can get him to slow down enough to have a conversation with his poor mother).

Last week Lani at AGBeat posted about gmail’s new feature.  Here is another post about it.  I have to say-it is making me question my love of the Mailbox App.

If you enjoy watching former Teen stars give a big F* You to their Daddy’s, then watch this video.  If not…look at all the picture of the Bizarre imagery. (Q link #1)-the son came down when I was watching this and said

“DAY-UM, that makes me sad, she used to be so HOT!-now, she is just trashy.  Cute, but Trashy.  Sad.”

#nowords.  Hipsters who dress like Jackie (from Roseanne).  #hysterical.
(Yes, I did just hashtag my post.)

When I was much younger and in design school, Andy Warhol was one of my idols.  So, of course I ate up looking through His Polaroids.

“There are no new ideas in the world, just a new arrangement of things.” Inspiration from Henri Cartier Bresson (FStoppers)

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