White Ink Pen Study

I am a self admitted pen snob, or as my husband likes to refer to my more particular personality traits as “stars” my pen star has opinions.

I think part of my preference has to do with being left handed…pens honestly do react differently when they are pulled in a direction contrary to how they were created.

When I find a pen I enjoy, I will go to the ends of the earth or JetPens (because they honestly almost ALWAYS have my most favorite passions in stock).

I have used several white pens.  I love writing on darker surfaces and not all pens are created equal.
I have also tested a few correction pens for various surfaces too…

Every time I buy a new pen I try it on a variety of surfaces and then record a sample in a notebook I created.  (YES, I am a little anal sometimes).

Here are the white pens I have tried:

Liquid Paper Correction Pen
Liquid Paper Click Correction Pen
Marvy Gel Reminisce 1.0
Montana Acrylic Marker Ultra Fine Point
Office Depot Correction Pen
Pentel Presto Correction Pen
Pentel Sunburst Medium Gel
Pilot Choose .7 White Opaque Pen
Sakura Permqpaque Opaque Permanent Marker
Sharpie Poster Paint-Water Based- (both fine and ultra fine)
Uni Correction Pen
Zig Caligraphy Chalk Pen

(and it looks like an order to jet pens is in my future, they have some new whites I haven’t tried)

Most correction pens are great for making uniform dots, but not all of them have consistent flow for a solid opaque line.  The only one I might trust for journaling is the Liquid Paper Click. I probably picked it up at an office supply store.

Most of the white pens for me (and it might make a difference being a lefty ) have been meh.  some of them down right frustrating.
I hate skipping and jumping in a pen-this is why I generally prefer felt tips or fountain pens, no roller ball to get hung up on MY angle of writing.

White Pen Study

White pen results on a variety of surfaces

I used a few different backgound media’s because a pen that will behave on paint, might not on colored pencil or watercolor.
Left to right: (top) purple dylusions, (middle) black acrylic paint, (bottom) Koi Watercolor, Prismacolor Pencil, Sharpie Poster Paint (waterbased), Then Copic. (not pictured because I ran out of room-Oil Pastels and I would not recommend anything on top of that other than the Sakura Permqpaque)

The Sakura did work well on all surfaces, but it was not really a true white, lots of black bled through and the lines were a bit gray.

As you can see from the sample above the Pilot Choose ROCKED on everything (but the oil pastel and it did recover after a bit of drawing on other pages, but sadly the Pentel did not).
I am not the only person who is a fan of this pen, look what reviewers on JetPens thought of this brand/style.

While it did write smoothly on most surfaces with out skip, it wasn’t as opaque as I might need for some applications, so, I am really thankful that I also had a Montana Acrylic Marker.  I had forgotten all about this pen, I bought it on a whim at the art store one day, cool thing about this bad boy…replaceable nibs and refillable.  Made for Graffiti Artists the colors match Montana Spray paint.  I only have the Ultra Fine point, I might go pick up a few other widths and a refill bottle.  You can also purchase these bad boys at dick blick online.

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