Fave Thing Friday #14 (posted on sunday)

I kinda forgot to set auto publish on this one and came over to start THIS friday’s post and OH hello…

Susannah Conway wrote On Accidental Sabbaticals.  I agree with her.  I didn’t miss Facebook OR Twitter.  The ONLY reason I have not dumped both is there are a very few people I re-connected with from the past that I would miss greatly.   I should do a serious “friend” amputation, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  (One day, I will get over it, I hope it is soon.)

This blows me away.  Nick Gentry. watch the video. old computer disks and film negatives. wow.

Creativity requires time.

I have been playing with some new supplies and am really excited about a few discoveries…look for those later this week!

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