FTF7 (and bonus)

Because last week was 8 but it should have been 7 so, I am going a bit retro and NEXT week will be nine…I know, crazy, eh.

But first, in celebration of my 30th post (oh mere baby blog) I have a small give away. I have been playing with making post it note books and I have a ton of samples that I made that I don’t want to pitch, but I also don’t want to sell because they are made with scrapbook paper and not a design I personally created. SO, I have 5 of these to give away*.


If you want a chance to have one please comment below and tell me your favorite type of sticky note (Page markers, 2 x 2 or 1 x 2 or the full page…you get the drift).

If I have more than 5 comments, I will have a random drawing, it there is little interest then it will be a small, personal celebration.

On with the LOVE:

Ninja Folding.

Stop Instagraming Your Perfect Life. (Relevant Magazine)

The Blues Brothers (FStoppers)

Oh, Look, a Camera on the Court. (video)

This is one of my most favorite and easiest mass resizing tools that I share with people who don’t have PS or Lightroom. Fotosizer.
It is a “free” program, but the developer will take donations AND there is a new “Professional” version that will do a few more things, like watermark. (AND it is super affordable)

*I will pick 5 random designs to send the winners, as much as I would like for people to pick, if everyone one wanted the same one…it would be madness!

~~Edited to add that the give-away will end Thursday evening before the next FTF. (4/18/13)-Winners will be announced on 4/19.

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