Favorite Thing Friday, SIX

I feel a habit forming.

I love Felicia Day. Parkour scares the b-jeebies out of me too, but looks so fun! (thanks Nicole Belach @Making it Lovely for the video)

Garrett, MMA Fighter. (Thanks Carlos.) Hard to watch at points but, wow. This is a story of a kid who refused to be treated special or different.

Magazine Surgery. (FStoppers)

Shame and Teen Pregnancy. (Brene Brown)-If you have not seen her TEDTalks go.now. watch, I will wait. Have you seen the Sunday Soul with Oprah? Yeah, watch those too. I have read The Gift of Imperfection, but I am reading it again before I dive into Daring Greaty.

Disposable Email.(LifeHack)

I am also planning on giving away some things I have been working on in the upcoming weeks. Say tuned for details! (I am so excited)

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