Tips to Enjoy a Spring Day…

… In your mid 40’s.

For this to work properly you must first have a midlife crisis car. A midlife crisis car would be anything with a sunroof or convertible two doors no-trumk space. Turbo is an added bonus.

Secondly, you must don a pair of super large sunglasses. Think Jackie Onassis. For bonus if you still have your wayfarers from when you’re in high school, those work too.

Next, grab your CD collection. I know you still have it. It just isn’t the same on your iPod in this case. Boston, R.E.M., or Prince… OMG! That was the ultimate road trip music for my girls when we were in college.

Then, you need to head out, with the windows down and classics blasting. The best places to cruise are your old memory lanes and/or places your kids and their friends hang out. Added points if they are the same spots (like you still live in the same one horse town where you grew up, like me).

Finally, just mind where you stop when you have your aging head exposed to the elements. Pigeon poop on your doo can seriously impact your fun.

Not that it actually happened to me, I imagined this entire scenario while at a stop light under an overpass.

How was your weekend?

3 thoughts on “Tips to Enjoy a Spring Day…

  1. Oh Molly you are too funny! Pigeon poop indeed. I have moved and moved and moved! Am almost done! Just need to load up things that are coming to KY., mop the old kitchen, wash the sheets and cleaning rags and lock those doors! Then do the same thing here! Someday, we will ride in a mid-life crisis car… I hope we’re together!

  2. I’m on it! LOL Found the Prince 3 disc Greatest Hits the other day in the minivan and have it loaded and ready to go…now all I need is some warmer temps. I’ll come pick you up (pigeon poop not included!) 🙂

    • We are not middle age cruising in a mini van. Only if you come in “dear prudence” passat.

      Woo! Lucky for you I no longer smoke….cause it ain’t a party…. 😉

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