Multiple Category Peeve

This one can be filled under annoying children, annoying parents AND annoying dinner’s/dining experience.  Or just a general “assholes”.

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think all families out for a night on the town with their precious toddler’s are ALL annoying.  Just the ones who think they are the only people allowed out on the town and all the rest of the mere humans have to not only put up with your annoying little sh… precious offspring, we should also think they are just as precious as you and your mumsie do.

Not how it works in the real world sister (and her family).

It was cute that little Caleb Dylan Hunter Jacob and Hermonie Apple Elizabeth were wearing matching outfits, both in green, white and navy.  (no, they aren’t twins, they were the perfect age of 4 and 2) At least Hermonie Apple Elizabeth kept her annoying table switching habit out of her parents eye sight.  It was Caleb Dylan Hunter Jacob that was wearing me out before we even ordered.  He picked out his own milk from the bin (organic of course) and walked off with it, only to come back a moment later and grab another milk out of the bin and attempt to make off with it as well.  But, Mommie was on her toes!

“Caleb-Dylan-Hunter-Jacob, honey, you can’t have that until we show it to the little man over there.” and he would look at her like she had two heads…he would walk away and then circle around and….head back to the milk bin….to which mommie would reply…

(yeah, play that last paragraph over in your head about 10 times-it may have been more.  My ears started to bleed after the 4th time.)

And daddy didn’t do anything, I guess he was “in charge of table switching, chair jumping Hermonie Apple Elizabeth.

Nana and pop pop were also to busy to help mommie out with her milk thief issue, they were to busy special ordering every flippin’ thing on the menu while the line grew out the door.

I know I have not been the best mama and I have made my share of mistakes but the MOMENT my son started to get annoying to those around him, we were gone.  I have left a grocery cart or two in the middle of the store because of a brewing tantrum over a hot wheel or fruit roll up.  Heck, putting the little angel in a high chair would have prevented him from running around like he owned the place.

After they ordered, mommie and daddy and the two precious matching baby pants and pop pop grabbed a table, leaving nana to figure out how to carry 5 glasses of water.  (Apparently the only reason Caleb dylan hunter jacob got milk was because he pawed them all).  My beautiful and wonderful spouselet helped nana take water to the rest of her ungrateful clan (and this is kind of a clue about how their whole family dynamic is falling into place).

We choose a table as far away from them as we possibly could and noticed that everyone else near us in line was right there with us.  (so, I can’t blame this peeve on just MY out of whack hormones).

It was lovely, they were far enough away we didn’t have to hear them ask C-D-H-J 500 times to do something nicely….

As we got up to leave we noticed they had already left the restaurant.  But, they didn’t bother to clean up ONE thing off their table.  I guess those 4 sets of garbage cans and bus tubs weren’t a little hint to clean your own damned mess.

And Caleb Dylan Hunter Jacob finally put down the milk.

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