Favorite Things Friday

YAY!  Week 2.

A few months back I read an article about passwords that freaked me the fire out.  (thanks Matt Honan)
I was ready to unplug and live off the grid.  Luckily, I found Last Pass instead.

But, I also made some changes to my online habits in addition to using last pass. (and I am not telling you so you can’t figure out a way to break my super secret personal identity security-pass my foil beanie.)

I love The Lettered Cottage, but I had to stop reading for awhile,because I am not a huge fan of my current house and watching all the nifty stuff that was happening over there, well, it just makes me sad (but I got over it because I am back for more.)  LOVE this Idea for a small bath, or a reading nook or anything...heck, I want to do this to my car interior (ok, that might be a bit much.)

I need more creative breakthroughs.

and one of these.

What has you all fired up this friday?

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