Favorite things Friday

I want to have a few traditions on my new blog and this is the first one (first favorite friday…sponsored by the letter F)…

I read a TON of stuff online during the week and lots of it gets shared on facebook and twitter, but I would prefer to share it all at once in one spot as “This stuff is AWESOME and will improve your life by leaps and bounds!!!”

So, here it is:

Scoutie Girl hit me upside the head with this awesome post on Complaints and Requests.

People of the Second Change reworked their site.  Inspiring and uplifting as ever.

Oh, had I know of this site when my Q was a wee lad.  Part of me still wants this Fridge.  (here is a link to the whole post).

I just got an email from my college sorority.  I am eligible to order a 25 year pin.  Hippy Skippy.  I didn’t graduate from the school where I was an initiate (by the skin of my teeth) and I always felt odd about the whole sorority thing.  However, I DO LOVE my sisters, especially now that we have all re-connected online in the past few years (that is ONE awesome thing about the facebook).

And here is a pretty picture to start the weekend:


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