This Could be Trouble


12 thoughts on “This Could be Trouble

  1. I’m not familiar enough with WordPress to know the difference, but perhaps they were losing people. I’ve been blogging (Dreamwidth that crossposts to LJ) more and updating less on FB (unless you counts “shares” and even then I’ve dropped back a lot), but just having the window open is time suck so I’m working on that now. It is a hard habit to conquer. 🙂

      • Probably because they think I am a serious social addict but, I am giving up something they can’t/won’t. Or they just like trying to make me squirm. Either, or.

      • Second try on this reply:

        Maybe they are feeling a bit guilty for their obsession with social media. It isn’t completely their fault, of course, much money, think tanks, and mathematical algorithms go into trying to keep on the sites.

      • I feel certain *you* can do it. Others, well – addictions are hard to face let alone quit. Moderation goes a long way for many things, but for others cold turkey like you’re doing is the thing that really gives perspective on the issue.

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